Murano Glass Jewellery

La Pedrera makes Murano glass jewellery – necklaces, earrings, bracelets – using modern and vintage beads.

The beads can be modern or vintage made by “perlere” or “perleri” on the island of Murano using a variety of materials and techniques. They range from the use of pure gold leaf, to silver leaf, to aventurine in the interior of the bead (“sommerso” technique) or the use of the same materials, on the outside of the bead.

Another technique is the “Tosca” which uses, for example: white paste glass on the inside and transparent glass on the outside.
They are special beads made by only a handful of artisans.

The way light reacts to Murano glass is incomparable, enhancing the colours and revealing the different materials used.

Pietruccia’s compositions of the necklaces, earrings, bracelets is the result of the experience of twenty years of work.

Other Items

As well as Murano glass jewellery, La Pedrera offers other objects made exclusively on the island of Murano such as colorful glass paste balloons and Christmas baubles produced by artisans who use diverse processing techniques.

We also stock objects decorated in pure gold and hand painted (trees, perfume bottles, wine stoppers, etc.).

They range from ‘lampwork’ to ‘glass fusing’ and ‘cane’ processing performed at the furnace.

Murano glass jewellery - pendant with pure gold leaf

Some of the objects described are available from our